Instagrammer – What it Means When Says Instagrammer

Does Instagrammer mean permanently deleted: My friend asked me, what is ‘Instagrammer’. This is what he found on my account that says Instagrammer while I deleted my account permanently.

Instagram is the most Favorable and Usable Apps in the world. Users are fond of this social media platform. Many people follow their lovely people and favourite celebrities on Instagram. What happened if you see your personal account by the name of Instagrammer?

So in your mind, many questions are arising about Instagrammer, what does it mean? Has that user blocked you? We will give you some guidance about Instagrammer, how does it cause, why Instagrammer is there?


What is Instagrammer?

Instagrammer refers to a person who uses the Instagram account. Differently, it means a person whose Instagram account is deactivated by the user, or Instagram has deleted it. Or another reason it may be due to the person might block you.

Users notice Instagrammer when another user has deleted their account either permanently or temporarily. So, simply Instagram shows “Instagrammer” in case of username if you decide to delete your account from this Social Media.

What does Instagrammer mean in other words?

Generally, this is the tag on your profile name when you delete your account. Instagram puts this on the name before they remove the profile permanently from their database.

The main thing, you have deleted the account but it is still present on Instagram for a limited period of time to give you another chance to think about reactivating this.

After that period the profile goes away and shows as ‘Sorry, the page is not available’. I hope the thing is clear now o you.

Why does it show when I open a profile?

instagrammer profile looks like

Here are some reasons below to explain Instagrammer account:


  • The first reason is, if you delete your Instagram account, then your account shows Instagrammer until you reactivate it.
  • It may show then Instagram deactivate your account temporarily if you harm their terms and condition.
  • Lastly, if you disabled your account, you will get to see Instagrammer, instead of the person’s username. It doesn’t mean the user has blocked you or it due to its account has been deactivated.

If someone has blocked you, then you will not be able to see their stories, you are not allowed to send them messages. You can’t unfollow their account and even not allowed to search their report on Instagrammer. So, you are now clear that block and Instagrammer are not connected. Instagrammer has no relation to block.


Temporarily or Permanently


According to some sources, Instagrammer is showing when the user has temporarily deleted his account from Instagram. But it is for both cases whether the account is deleted permanently or temporarily. For checking both cases, you should make two accounts and delete one permanently another one briefly, and you will see the “Instagrammer” on both the accounts. But you will see one difference when you try to open your profile by clicking on the Instagrammer option; You get to see two main cases,


  • If you delete your account permanently, Instagram will delete all the photos, videos along with highlights automatically from the platform. So, when you click on Instagrammer to view your profile, it will show nothing.
  • Whereas, if your account is deleted Temporarily, then it shows the bio when the user clicks on Instagrammer.


Techbosspro’s Take:


So, it is correct to say that in both cases, everything is the same whether the account is deleted permanently or temporarily. Along with that, you will also notice that the chats would also be deleted, when your account is deleted. You will see this in groups when users are disabled their account.

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