How to View a Hidden Facebook Profile?

While connecting on Facebook, you can view the profile of any number of users, when profiles are not private. Users who have an individual account, have their profile information hidden, their friends only see their profile pictures. 

Facebook provides this great privacy to prevent any user from viewing your profile picture and knowledge if they are not your close friends. Parents face huge difficulties in handling their child activities, as many kids blocked their parents on Facebook. If you are one of those who are facing this problem, then in this article, we will give you how to View Private Facebook Profiles.

What is a Hidden Facebook Profile?


It is an account that you are not allowed to view without being friends. Since, when you view any private Facebook profile, you can’t see any information, and sometimes you can’t see profile photo either. Because users have switched off all public profile settings.


Methods to View Private Facebook Photos 


There are many that teach how to View Private Facebook Profiles when you are not their Friends, but this content will truly explain how to see the hidden photos of a profile. 


Following these steps, you can see private profile pictures of some accounts if someone has blocked you.

Firstly, open the account of the person you want to see the profile picture.

Then, you have to duplicate the link of that person, as it remained in the top search box.

Now open this site, and you have to paste that Facebook account link there.

After then you will get the ID of that person.



From following these tips, you can view private photos of any user.


1. You have to get a link, whose profile you want to see in the web browser.

2. With a proper URL format, you can search it.

3. Then get hit, and you will see that individual profile photos.




Some software, in general, has succeeded in getting them access. Some approaches show you how to work:


  • “Brute Force” [Not recommended] –This is the simplest and easiest way to access someone’s profile information. This plays as an online investigator service or skilled hacker in utilizing data. In this, you will not get guaranteed for results, because the user profile may be out of date or not relevant information.
  • The Charm Offence –It depends on your relationship with the person if you want to access, you can send a request to them. This is the most effective way of viewing Facebook profiles. You can search your close friends for more information, and you can contact them. You have to keep patience since you have to turn from a stranger to a new friend to whom you want to send a friend request.

Techbosspro’s Take: 

We don’t suggest to use social engineering to trick someone’s or becoming your friend. This is sometimes dangerous. So, you can use some methods to view Facebook profile information which is mentioned above.

Since Facebook sets up privacy, there are some limits when you can mention profile if you are not their mutual friends. Whatever your reason for viewing private Facebook information, we are here to guide you.

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