Set up the Twitch TV channel | Watch Twitch on TV referred to as Twitch, acquired by Amazon in 2014. Twitch is a video-game broadcasting and viewing platform where viewers can donate to their favorite players. Twitch is the World’s leading live streaming platform for gamers; millions of people come together every day to chat, interact with each other, make their streamings, and much more.

How to Set-up Twitch TV?

  • Download and Install the Twitch TV. It would be best if you had the Application installed on your mobile device or smartphone.
  • Log In to the installed Application.
  • Press your profile image button in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Press the “go live” button.
  • Set up the stream and go live. (Trouble in logging in go through the guidelines.)

Watch Twitch on TV

It is not possible to watch Twitch on TV, because like most multimedia Apps it does not support screen mirroring. Instead, you have to make use of an Application called Tubio.
The user has to make sure that the mobile phone and smart TV connected to the same WiFi.
The TV will pair with the phone once it’s turned on and selected.
Ensure that the Tubio Application downloaded on a smart TV from their respective App store.
Now, press the small TV icon in the bottom-right corner of the App, this brings up a pop-up menu with all TVs that connect the same Internet as the phone.
Next, select the TV.
Type “” in the search bar at the top to of the bar and select whichever stream you wish to view.

Enable Better Twitch TV

The first step is to open BetterTwitch TV – Google search and click Better TTV – Chrome Web store.

Select the BetterTTV option from the menu.

Ensure BetterTTV Emotes, and BetterTTV GIF Emotes is on. Click.

Choose the stream you want to enjoy watching on TV.

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