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WhatsApp is the most popular chatting app than any other app. With other social media sites, it offers users to share status among their Contacts. Do many people ask why the status of their friends is not visible? It’s because they have blocked you or excluded them from their WhatsApp status. 

Also, WhatsApp now confirmed that settings, see in the screenshot below:

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According to WhatsApp privacy, our status is visible to those who are on our contact list. So, this site will help you to see blocked WhatsApp status, if your friend or any other user has excluded you from seeing their status. So, here is the step by step guide.

Why You’re Blocked from Seeing WhatsApp status?

In your privacy settings, there are three options:

    ●   My Contacts – It will allow you to make your status visible to your Contacts.

        My Contact except – In this, you can make your status visible to all except the selected one.

        Only share with – In this, you have to select those people whom you want to share your status.

WhatsApp status 1

So, From these points, it is understandable that there is no option of public, that means you can see if your friend saved your number in their Contact. It is not related to whether you have saved their number or not.

Apart from this, another question among users is why they can see profile pictures of their friends if they haven’t saved your number?

So in your privacy, you get three options:

        Everyone – In this, you will allow you to show your profile picture to everyone.

WhatsApp status 2

My Contacts – You will allow showing your profile picture to your saved Contacts.

Nobody – In this case, only you can see it, no one will allow us to see it.

In some case, if the status is not visible of your friends, then:

Try to refresh your Contacts from WhatsApp, from your friends, mobile, and then reinstall it.

You have to remove and then add Google account in which you have saved your Contacts. For synchronizing your account, follow these steps –

1.       Go to settings> Accounts>Google.

2.       Then touch the account where you want to Sync.

3.       Then click the menu bar>Sync now.

4.       After this, your device will Syncs.

Methods to See someone’s hidden status on WhatsApp


 Ask the person to add your new number – If you are not able to view your friend’s status then, wait for one or two days, and then ask him to save your new number and don’t tell them that you want to create a new account by this number. Then you can see their status.

 Try other Apps – Use another mobile to create another WhatsApp in it. Now, when your go-to status, you will see their update. Now you will see the original DP there, then.

1. You have to install parallel space and close your WhatsApp on it.

2. Then register with a new number and after then go to status and see updates.



Techbosspro’s Take:

So, it is clear that a person will see your status if he blocks you unless you block him back. But, if you are not able to see your friends WhatsApp status, then you can see by following this guide.

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