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Reviews on your business definitely justify your service and someone is finding you through the reviews remember he or she is just guessing your service and respond to the customers.

In order to deal with fake Google reviews, you have to report them to Google and surely you will get a reply within 24-48 hours hours. Also, reporting or flagging it can help in removing the review on your Business page.

There are some templates we have added in order to deal with such reviews on your Google My Business page.

Everyone loves the response faster that is why whether it is positive or negative reviews you must reply to everyone if you want your company to showcase the best service.

I have the positive or negative review response templates that you can use with to reply to all of your customers.

Replying to all of those may not be sometimes possible, but you should at least respond to the real case where you feel the customer needs some help, you can use the review templates as well.

Now, the problem persists when lots of fake negative reviews come into your business, and replying to all of them is not the smart choice.

Wait…you will reply but first, take some steps to filter those out from your business.

This article might be helpful for you in case you want to know how to handle the negative fake reviews and responding in the right way.

You can also remove those reviews by complaining that to Google and flagging those reviews.

So, let’s get into this deeper to find out the solution:

How to Respond to the Fake Reviews?

If you have a business page on Google my business then definitely you will be receiving some of the best reviews and along with that some of the negative or fake reviews as well from your competitors.

There is nothing to be worried about that as many like you face this problem while having your business on Google my business and to resolve the issue Google finally have many ways to prevent such fake reviews to your business and handle this accordingly.

Now the best way is by replying to all over the positive or negative reviews by directing to the exact resolution so that your customers can be satisfied with your services and come back in future.

Through your response, you must show your sincerity about your customers that you care a lot about them and this should be reflected in your response while you are replying to these reviews.

I have entitled the look of the template for responding to those reviews:

Positive Review Response template:

Hello [Name],

Thanks for your review. We appreciate your time to review us on Google, this helps us improve our services better.

Negative Review Response template:

Hello [Name],

Thanks for your review. We appreciate your time to review us on Google, this helps us improve our services better. This generally that we don’t want our consumers to experience. However, in your case to resolve your issue kindly contact us on our official email id: [email] so that the issue can be solved as soon as possible.

How to Identify the Bulk Fake Reviews?

If you are managing your reputation through Google my business place with a limited amount of customers in your business then getting some fake native reviews is a harm to your business and you should take steps on this.

Now the most challenging part is to identify are the reviews really fake or just the Real Experience that people shares.

To identify this, first of all, you have to check the track record of your company from the customer list and match the name on the review section either the person is real or not.

If you are having a very small scale of the audience then this should not be a problem for tracking the name of the customers. Sometimes it’s not possible if you are running for restaurants business on Google my business and this time to find out the negative reviews is by comparing your services vs the reviews you get on Google.

If you are aware of your business what is going into the ground then you will be easily identifying the reviews and filtering the negative fake reviews and to remove those you have the option to flag or report them on Google my business support.

If you see that negative reviews come in bulk then someone is trying to your business either this is your enemy or competitors and to avoid this you must take the help of Google my business support.

Ways to Look on those Reviews:

  1. Hate words without details:

If you see the reviews are having some hate speech without any details about your services then this can be marked as spam and can be flagged on Google. This clearly mentions that the reviewers do not mention the exact issue on the review rather it says only bad words about your business and such reviews can be deleted easily by reporting them on Google.

  1. Same words or line repetitive times:

You will see some of the reviews are same as other people. These are the negative review template that someone using to harm others businesses and if you see some of your reviews are posted with the same lines repetitive time then you can surely report them by showing all of the details to Google and those will be removed for sure.

  1. The reviewers are spreading 1 start reviews:

Now, details can be found on the reviewer’s profile history that if that person is spreading 1-star reviews on a maximum of the business pages. This generally shows Google that the person is manipulating business places by giving the fake negative reviews in return of something and this push your chance to delete these reviews from your business.

  1. Sharing suspicious links:

Sometimes, the review was posted with some links that are not related to your services or anything. They just post all over the links non-related to the business. Such activity is considered as spam and should be deleted as soon as possible if you report those on Google my business, most of the time such reviews is normally taken down by Google itself.

How to Report fake 1-star Reviews and remove those?

The most important part comes at this point. To report some fake reviews is very easy, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1:

First of all, make sure you are logged in on your Google account and just search the business page on Google and you will find the name on your right side where you will see all of the reviews. Now just click on ‘view all Google reviews’ option.

google reviews

Step 2:

Next, in the new popup window, you will see all of the reviews are listed and find out that those reviews that you pretend to be fake and click on the flag icon that displayed next to the review comment.

flag it

Step 3:

Upon clicking on the Flag icon you have to choose the policy violation category and then confirm the report. In case of legal issue, you have to manually fill a form and describe the issue and the Global team will contact on your email.

Now in the other category, you will instantly be displayed thank you page describing you will be contacted by Google team of over the email and that’s all you have to do to report a fake review to take it down.

Techbosspro’s Take:

Hope this article has cleared your doubt on how you have to handle your fake reviews and respond to the business reviews on your page. Avoiding all of the fake negative reviews does not solve your business reputation easily, you have to take action manually on to them and this guide has described the easiest and effective ways that you can take on behalf of your business.

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