FIXED – iPhone XR is Frozen and Won’t Turn Off

It sometimes becomes annoying when your lovely, hard-earned phone that you never thought could give you a problem, freezes. That is, it neither responses when you touch nor it works while you turn it on. It just gets into your head and you get bone-tired of it. How funny it is that the solution was right here!! So, what are you waiting for let’s get into it!!

Did your iPhone has stopped working suddenly? Are you worried about your frozen iPhone XR? Well, we have a bunch of solutions to all your problems. Commonly, phones are identified by their performance and power. Recently, Apple has launched its new models which are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR their phone is upgraded by iOS 13. Many clients are facing problem with iPhone XR, that they are not able to turn it on.

So, if you want to fix your Apple iPhone XR when it is not turning on than this, it’s will beneficial for you. In this information, you will get information about different methods to solve this problem.

Methods to Restart iPhone XR when Frozen

Plug-in charger: This is the first thing to do when your phone is not opening. Sometimes phones may be off due to power. So, you have to plug-in charge and wait for it to turn on.

Restore your phone: This is another vital method to fix your phone. iTunes can restore Apple’s phone. And for this you have to put your iPhone in recovery mode by using iTunes, by doing this you can able to fix your iPhone XR.

Force Restart: If your phone is not turning on by charging, then you have to do one thing. While plugging in, restart your device forcefully. It would help you in clearing all Applications. For this, you have to press the volume button, after then press the power button, until the Apple logo appears. It will start your device quickly and starts working.

DFU Restore: If your phone is not turn on by using restoring, then you must try DFU Restore. It will help you in fixing errors, and you can quickly fix it up, by using these steps :

➊ Connect your phone into the computer and press the volume button, now press the power button and until your screen become black.

➋ After then you have to press the volume down and power button at the same time. And then press the power button almost after five seconds while holding the volume button.

➌ By doing this, you will get a notification, and you can release the button, and restore your iPhone XR.

Hardware problems:

In this case, if your iPhone is not turning on by the previous method, then there is a problem in hardware. This occurs explicitly due to repairing. If you visit to improve the shop, then we advise you to handle them for fixing it since they know about it better and set it free of cost.

Puls is the another best option for repairing your iPhone XR. Plus is a company that provides technicians who come directly to your house for fixing up.

Tools Required: Set of screwdrivers ( Pentalobe Screwdriver, Tripoint Screwdriver, Tweezers, and Spudger)

Solution 1: Force Restart

So, first, we are going to start with force restart option,

Most of the iPhones get freeze because of the applications running in the background or they get interrupted by other applications and freezes.

Step 1: Push the up volume button on the left side of your phone.

Step 2: Push the volume down button.

Step 3: Push the power button on the right side until the phone reboots. Keep holding it even if you see Switch off option. Just keep patience and keep holding the power button until it reboots.

Step 4: Once you see the Apple logo on the screen, release the power button.

Step 5: Wait

This was the first solution. Hope your problem is solved and you do not have to go with other solutions.

Anyway, just read further.

Solution 2: Disconnect the Battery from Inside

It is a solution in which we will have to open the phone, disconnect the battery (that is, disconnecting the power completely from the motherboard, and then reconnecting it ).

Step 1: Open the phone and for that, you will require one Pentalobe screwdriver. Our phone has two screws at the bottom of it besides the charging slot. Make sure you open them carefully and do it gently because sometimes if you just keep spinning the screwdriver without making sure that the screw is opening, you may strip it inside and this may lead to damaging your device.


Step 2: Now do the same with the second screw.

Step 3: Now use a Spudger, and insert it between the frame and glass and flip it outwards. But do not put the spudger deep inside.

Step 4: Gently open the phone from one side. Do not remove it from the other side.

Step 6: Track the cable of the battery to a small golden cube open it gently with tweezers.

Step 7: And the close it after few seconds. Try turning on your phone and your phone got repaired at home.

Step 8: Place the bracket back, screw those 5 screws. Close the screen starting with top to side to the bottom. Put the 2 bottom screws back. and your problem is fixed.

Solution 3: Replacement of Screen

Step 1: There is no step for this. Just go to any nearby apple store or your trusted mobile repair shop and ask them to replace your screen.

Step 2: Go back in a day or their suggested time and get your repaired phone back.

Is it working for iPhone XX, X, XS?

Yes, this method is always working for most of the iPhone models. You can try or use this method for most of the iPhones such as XX, X, XS. But be careful while doing these methods if you are not a professional in doing such works just go to near electronics shop or apple care.

You can solve your problems just by doing these simple steps to your iPhone mobiles.

Apps become unresponsive in iPhone

This is because your phone has ever dropped in it or else hit by any external hardware damage. So, if you are facing these problems then just do a few steps to repair your iPhone.

Make sure you first turn off your phone first and then try to open the back panel as step by step we show above and dry your phone and then try to boot on your phone again or else reset your phone again.

If the problem does not solve than just visit your nearest repairing shop and told them to make a dry cleaning of your phone using a heater.

OR, if your phone gets external damage then just go to a mobile repairing shop and told them to repair your phone and change the damaged part.

Techbosspro’s Take:

Many people get in trouble with iPhone freezing and are unable to fix it. But its no more difficult to understand your device by following these easy and simple steps, and following them. And remember where to come back when facing any problem.

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