Ultimate Best Instagram Feed Planner LIST

You always want to have a perfect Instagram post, but you always fail, because you realize that you don’t have the perfect tools for that. So, you have to experiment with some new tools and plan your Instagram feed to make it attractive and eye-catching for the audience.

Therefore, we understand your problems and gives you the best solution to plan your Instagram feed. Let us talk about the most amazing apps to plan your Instagram feed, their prices, and availability. So that you can choose the best Instagram planning app for yourself.

Instagram Feed Planner Online:

So, here the list begins:

Table of Contents
1. easelly: Feed Generator
2. The Light tricks Suite: Planner template
3. Be Funky:
4. InShOt:
5. Lightroom:

1. easelly: Feed Generator

It is an Instagram design app that consists of trending templates, designs, and makes your post attractive.


  • Its Brand Kit has Color Palettes, fonts, and Logos.
  • Around 1000 of templates.
  • It has text effect tools.
  • Price – It is free for basics, but if you want extra features, then it costs $ 7.50 per month.

Graphic designers design it, and you can download it on Desktop only.

2. The Light tricks Suite: Planner template

It is a home of exciting products, as its tools are top on. So you can do the professional quality of edits to your photos.


  • It has two options: Facetune and Facetune 2.
  • Enlight photo Fox – for best photo editing.
  • Video edit through Enlight video tap.
  • Price – You have to get a subscription for more advanced features.

You can download this app on your Android and iOS handset.

3. Be Funky:

It is a veteran photo editing app, that got better with time. It has resizing, blemish removal, College, and templates options to make your Instagram feed attractive.


  • It has stickers and overlays.
  • Collage maker with many textures.
  • Price – $6 for a month, and free for basics features.

So, you can download in your androids or iOS phones and provide your feed with beautiful photos.

4. InShOt:

It is an incredible app to make your photos and videos eye-catching. It is easy to use and a perfect option to plan your Instagram feed.


  • It has a resizing option.
  • You can edit GIFS and music.
  • Price – $ 2.99 for additional options.

It has many options to make your video different. It is easy to download on your mobile phones.

5. Lightroom:
It is an ultimate Instagram feed app, that has preset photo capabilities.


  • Adjust colors and lighting.
  • It can easily apply popular presets.
  • Price – Free for Androids $ 9.99 for pro features.

You can easily download it on Android or iOS to make photo editing and presets, that enable editing in seconds.

Techbosspro’s Take:

So, from the above-listed app, you can easily make your Instagram feed attractive and eye-popping. You can quickly process these apps without any problem and choose them according to your requirements and need. Since we’re here to provide you with the best solutions for your all problems. You can use any of these apps for the best editing of photos or videos

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