Not uploading? Imgur Alternatives that are Alive

If you’re facing issues uploading or hosting images onto Imgur, there are few alternatives available that we will discuss in this content.

Imgur is one of the free image hosting website that allows it’s users to upload, download, share, or even embed images. These services apply even to those who do not an account on Imgur. In recent times, when people are eager to post multiple images today on many different social media platforms.

Hence, it has gained popularity and is one of the go-to websites if someone requires a picture, Gif, or a funny meme to share quickly. Initially, it was started as a website to share images only for Reddit and now it has evolved to a platform where you can share images anywhere.

The eye-catching quality of Imgur is that it is free of cost service which does not imply any terms and conditions.

But there is a need for an alternative for Imgur because of a limit on the size of photographs despite offering unlimited photos.

Alternative sites like Imgur for Hosting Images:

Moreover, if someone uploads their image, it is claimed by Imgur and that person cannot claim the right on it. Lastly if the picture available is more than 1 MB, this website compresses it which degrades the quality of the photograph.

Hence there are multiple other alternatives to Imgur that overcome its shortcomings. Some of them are enlisted below:

1. ImageShack: Uploading Images

It is a popular and premium website that allows image hosting and is the greatest competitor for being an alternative to Imgur. Some features that make it exclusive are image discovery albums, privacy features, tags, and editing.

With the help of image discovery, you can get a large number of pictures for different categories worldwide. The only shortcoming of this website is that it does not provide access to all features for a free account.

2. Postimage:

It is one of the user-friendly image hosting websites that enables you to upload any photograph quickly. After uploading the photograph, it avails you with a variety of links to share the image. It comprises a direct link, hotlink, thumbnail sharing, and many more services.

It also provides you with a delete link that gives you the power to remove the image from the server if you want.

3. TinyPic:

It is one of the image hosting websites that not only allows you to upload the photos quickly but also allows you to resize them in real-time. It provides you with a URL that is combined with a direct link, an IMG code, and embedded code for sharing. Along with that, it has a feature for image and video discovery.

4. Imgreview:

It is an alternative for Imgur but not so popular. It also provides you with an image discovery option and is beneficial for you if you want to upload pictures quickly and share them without doing any registrations.

It has an exclusive feature that enables you to extract quotations and text from the images along with new features like editing, annotations, and etcetera.

Techbosspro’s Take:

I hope this list has provided you with some useful and targeted alternatives to Imgur.

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