Actions to Take against Illegal Fake BAD Reviews

I was just browsing through the internet for some services review before I take them and in my devil area on my mind just I thought what if someone just made the fake reviews on the services so that people stay away from the service while they are providing the best.

Soon I understood that when someone just making bad reviews this is aimed to manipulate the users, not to take the services and this can be done intentionally by the competitors themselves.

If you want to know either it is illegal to post fake Google reviews or not then understand that you should be a victim of someone’s service to let know others but if you’re just trying to harm their reputation without any experience of their services then you may be sued.

If you’re leaving some fake bad reviews either on Google My Business or on Yelp then the company is definitely going to sue you if you harm their reputation online. Now, not in all cases, this is legal to post a really bad review, but when you intentionally trying to harm their reputation online, this gonna take you to the ground of problem and this is where this content starts to answer all of the points that you have in your mind.

Definitely, it is illegal to post some fake bad reviews on Google my business or on Yelp but if you are giving that genuine bad reviews to companies when you have experienced the same by yourself then this is might not be a case of being terminated.

When it is illegal?

What would you do if your reputation is being compromised online for a fact that you have not done by yourself ever and you know someone trying to harm your business online by giving some fake bad reviews intentionally, this may be your competitors or your enemy.

You will try to terminate the fake reviews to safeguard your business!

The same thing will happen to you if you are illegally trying to harm someone’s online business reputation by giving some fake negative reviews to harm their business.

If you are just giving some genuine negative reviews for a company that you have experienced on their service then this might be helpful for the company to improve their services but whenever you are trying to have their reputation down only by jealousy, this will create a problem for that company and when that company take legal action on you, you will definitely be into trouble.

Does it help your business?

You are a competitor… right?

Sometimes competitors take an audit report and compare the lead with the best companies in that category and find out the way to improve themselves.

To get into the business by giving paid reviews all over the internet either it is on Google my business or Yelp for the advisor and all of those are fake negative reviews that someone posting without having real problems then the company might be in trouble in getting new customers.

Well, if you are just the next option you may be benefitted with this if you are the second-best choice. But you will be aware of the recent update that Yelp & Google my Business is taking action on the negative or fake reviews either it is positive or negative and removing them from their website or servers and making the platform free from fake reviews.

So, don’t think you will be benefited for a long period of time, in general, this sustain for 3 to 4 months. After that, you are totally kicked off and will never be able to put such bots again on your competitors as the Google my business or Yelp will take strong protection on the services that are getting fake reviews complaint/flag.

Is writing fake Yelp reviews illegal?

If you are trying to harm someone by posting fake reviews then definitely this is an illegal task as Yelp take these fake reviews very seriously and act on those because they think that can manipulate the customers not getting the exact services from the perfect providers.

And if someone finds out who is actually posting reviews on your behalf and if the action is taken legally then you might be in trouble as this having the online reputation of a company on ground and you are as an enemy or competitor not obeying all of the business policies and some laws of that preferred jurisdiction.

Yelp on fake reviews:

Yelp has its team to prevent fake reviews and removing them by keeping their platform clean and adds an alert message on the services that are getting good positive fake reviews to gain more customers as they think this can manipulate some customers and that is why they are removing all of the reviews from those services like Google My Business.

Yelp team takes action on the negative reviews that someone intentionally posts on services and removing all of them automatically takes time after the investigation period is over. They do it manually every year on a particular time period and thus their trust stays on the internet.

Is it illegal to write your own Reviews?

Do you want to write reviews of your business on your own? If you want to write your own Google my business reviews then Google may detect your IP address and the reviews that posted on your business and mess them evidently accordingly to find out the fake reviews and deleting all of them at once.

So why waste your time by getting some fake reviews for your businesses. This is definitely not going to sue your business but the reviews might be deleted if someone flags the reviews on your business by pretending those reviews as fake.

Those Biased reviews are the manipulation to the consumers to take the services based upon the past reviews and if you want to manipulate them this is actually illegal as per the Google my business or Yelp review policy and they will take your reviews down over time.

When a company sues you for bad reviews?

If you’re looking for the information that you’ve never accompanied to get company’s reputation down due to some negative fake reviews then definitely they are going to take action on this by removing all of those and if they take further action they file complaints with a legal case

The same action can be taken by the Google my business or Yelp like services where someone is actually spamming, even the company can directly file a complaint against some persons or other competitors if they have proof on this.

After all, this is a matter of Investigation and if you don’t get any notice that does not mean you are not a suspect.

This part is taken under the cybercrime law and whenever a company have its reputation down due to the negative fake reviews, they gonna sue the review submitters for sure.

Techbosspro’s Take:

Hope this article has cleared your doubt, posting fake bad reviews on Google My Business or Yelp and how to manage them by review request. I have to really described the negative disadvantage of posting fake reviews and the actions that can be taken against you. So hope you understood the process of posting fake reviews is just wasting your time.

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