How to View Instagram Stories without them Knowing?


If you are here that means you faced a problem about to see or view anyone’s Instagram stories without knowing them about this so today we will discuss this.

Stories are being popular from Snapchat and gradually, migrates to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and now even onto Twitter. Yet nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where people love to creep others’ stories or posts.

Not only for personal use, but it is a great place to advertise your business. Therefore, digital marketers, influencers, or any other business profiles just for keeping an eye on potential competitors find a way to watch Instagram stories anonymously. 

Not only for business promotions but in personal life also we all have a craving for someone’s stories or status without showing identity. And you are reading this article, which means you are one of those digital stalkers, and therefore today in this article, we will discuss five quick ways to watch Instagram stories anonymously. So, let us dive right in.

How interesting it is! If someone tells you that you can see someone’s social media post without them knowing. Interesting right? I have got something to help you do exactly that.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Watching Instagram stories secretly is a big question for social networking users. What should one do if they see the content and do not want to get noticed by the content owner? This article describes the options to view user stories and not getting noticed by the owner of the profile.

Watch the Instagram story anonymously from your phone

You need to create and register an additional profile on Instagram. The instruction is to register a dummy page. This process is done according to the standard scheme. The main thing is that one should have additional mail or an extra mobile for binding.
After that, you can watch the story anonymously on Instagram. When the owner of the account will go through the list of visitors, only an empty incarnation will appear.

Setting For iOS

The Additional account can be registered on iOS will be as follows:
Step 1: Log in to your personal authorized account.
Step 2: Go to Settings.
Step 3: Add Account.
Step 4: Password and log in with another profile.
Setting for IOS
This way you can switch between the pages and view the content of others by remaining anonymous. On devices with this OS, you can register two or more profiles, then switch between them, without entering a password or login.

Watch Instagram story anonymously on Android

Android is now a decade old and is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Yes, you can see it on mobile phones, tablets, and even on TVs and cars. So for this OS gadget, equal opportunity is provided. If you want to know please follow the below instructions.

1. Story Save third party app

To make this happen in android we need to install third-party applications for anonymous viewing of stories. There are many competently thought and developed software. They solve the problem quickly and capture the minimum amount of memory on the phone for storage.
Story save third party app
Log in to the app and search the stories you want to see. The main menu will show you the default list of your friends’ stories. Choose from these or use search to find other stories. Below are the listed options available:
1. Save – Save the story as a video on your phone so that you can watch it back later as per your convenience.
2. Share – This option allows you to save the video and share it with your friends on WhatsApp, G mail, Messenger, etc.

Instagram Story Viewer Online

To help us do the same there are few online tools that can help us achieve the target. We will review them as below:
1. Stories – Open and type the username of the desired user and press enter. If a story is available for that user, then you will get the option to watch or download it. This is the most popular Instagram Stories viewer.
2. Story Insta – – Open Instagram Story Viewer. To view or/and download the story, type the username of the desired user and press enter. You will see the stories along with the date and other information (tags, hashtags, location, text, etc). Use the download button to save the story.
Online tools to view stories anonymously

Ways to View Private Instagram Stories without them Knowing

As our team insisted upon & gotta reach Instagram stories anonymously. If you remotely copy any step, you’ll be utterly capable of plying the Instagram Stories & sought relief. 

View Stories Online:

There are lots of such web platforms through which you can view anyone’s Instagram stories without showing your identity. These are known as stories viewers, and one of the most popular stories viewers for Instagram is stories. The way of using it is very simple, just type the username of that Instagram profile you want to stalk as anonymous and enjoy.
Stories viewer for Instagram

By using a web extension

If you want to spy on your competitor’s stories through PC, here is another option that is by using a web extension. If you use Firefox browser or chrome, you can add extensions like stories watched or Ig stories for Instagram respectively. Add them to your browser and enjoy.
By using a web extension

Android or ios stories saver app

For either android or ios users, there is a better way to watch or save any one’s stories anonymously. Android users can go to play store and download and install a series of applications like blindstory, storytime, story stalker, etc. If you are an ios user, then use an app, namely, story reposter.

Use flight mode

Another great way to watch Instagram stories anonymously is to use flight mode in your smartphone. During the fight mode, any social media activities are not counted, and therefore you can first load the stories and then by switching on flight mode, anonymously stalk your competitor.
Use flight mode

Create another Instagram profile

Last but not the least way to follow someone else’s social media status is to make a hidden profile. In this way you can keep an eye on their account but suppose their account is private, it is not going to work. For using this technique, either you must make an unknown profile of their known people, or the stalking account must be public.
Create another Instagram profile


Bottom lines!
It is a cool way to share and reach your audience through a 24-hours status or stories on Instagram. You can add any pictures, videos, or thoughts in a creative way, which has a short duration and lasts for only one day. 
Creeping someone’s Instagram stories is somehow essential for every business. Also, if your ex or a close friend blocked you there in that case, you can spy on their Insta-activity through the above-said methods. 

Techbosspro’s Take:

The given methods above must be able to rectify your problem then we would love hearing which one. Then, please mention it in the comments section as we would like to hear from you. But if still, you see the problem in charging. You must visit your nearest apple store.

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