How To Reset Explore Page On Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular social media apps and allows users to share their photos and videos. The explore page of Instagram enables users to view content from various categories like food, art, and holiday destinations from all over the world. Instagram analyzes the profiles of the user’s views, the picture they like. And many certain other things like search history. The Instagram app shows a customized feed on the explore page.


How To Reset the Explore Page on Instagram?


  • STEP 1- Open the Instagram website or app in your browsers and log in to your Instagram account.
  • STEP 2- Click your profile picture icon present at the bottom right corner on your Instagram page.

  • STEP 3- Tap on the menu icon present at the top right corner on your Instagram profile page.
  • STEP 4- Drop down the menu, and then you will see the option “settings.” Click on the option “settings” from the drop-down menu.

  • STEP 5- Select on the option “security” and then tap on “search history.”

  • STEP 6- Click on “clear search history,” Then, all the previous searches made by you will be deleted.

  • STEP 7- Now, your Instagram explores page is reset.
  • STEP 8- If you want to disable the explore page on Instagram, then log out and open the application manager from your phone setting option and search Instagram.

  • STEP 9- In android, you can directly long press on the Instagram profile icon and click on the “application manager.”

  • STEP 10- In the app information, you will get to see precise data and clear cache option. Click on clear data and clear cache.

  • STEP 11- In this way, the explore page will be disabled.


The explore page on Instagram starts giving irrelevant content or repetitive content. To clear and reset your explore page on your Instagram. The process as mentioned above will allow you to reset the explore page or disable explore from your Instagram account.

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