How To Lock Facebook Profile?

Facebook has a unique feature of profile lock. Before the profile lock feature, Facebook already had an option called profile picture guard. Profile lock features on Facebook allows users to lock their profile pictures from profile visitors. It can also help users hide their profile details or other activities, including posts on their timeline. By locking your profile picture from Facebook, your profile will get locked, and it will also show a message saying that the profile has been locked whenever some strangers visit on your Facebook page. The special feature of the profile lock on Facebook doesn’t allow the strange visitors to capture a screenshot or save your profile picture. Once the Facebook profile is locked, non-friends will not be able to zoom into, share, or download the users’ full-size profile picture or cover photo. Non-friends will not be able to see pictures and posts from the locked account timeline. 



  • STEP 1- Open the Facebook app on your phone or directly open the Facebook site on your browser.

  • STEP 2- Log in to your Facebook account and visit on your profile page.

  • STEP 3- On your Facebook profile page, tap on the “more” option under your profile picture.

  • STEP 4- Click on the option “turn on the profile picture guard lock” from the list.

  • STEP 5- Now, click on the “save” option, and your profile will be locked.



Ince your profile is locked, you can’t post to 5he public. And if you are looking to do that, you much unlock your profile. It is good that Facebook allows users to have control over their privacy and lock their profile picture from the strange visitors. You will have to step on the process as mentioned earlier to lock your Facebook profile picture, and by doing so, the stalkers will not be able to download or share or full-size profile picture from your Facebook page.


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