How to Hide Online Status on GBWhatsApp?

Many people use WhatsApp the whole day, but many people irritate them by messaging them repeatedly by seeing the user online. WhatsApp allows you to hide last seen only, but there is no possibility to Hide Online Status without going offline. Until you open the app, it will show you online to all of your contacts and unknowns. 

Such users start seeking solutions for this problem, but they get disappointed because there is no such feature available in the official WhatsApp Application that could help them. Here, we are to solve your problems. All you have to do is download the modded GBWHATSAPP on your smartphone. It is one of the most popular and used WhatsApp mod App while many other mod applications are available on the Internet like GBWhatsApp. Let you know this. The GBWhatsApp works only with Android device OS, not with the different operating systems like iOS or Windows. The article is only useful for Android smartphone users and not for others except to gain knowledge. Some needed requirements list for newbie’s who do not have much experience. 

  • An Android device. 
  • GBWhatsApp APK latest version. 
  • Working Internet Connection. 


Let’s begin with the steps to find how to Hide the online status in WhatsApp Application. 


How to Hide Online Status on GBWhatsApp


  • Firstly, download the GBWhatsApp APK latest version in your smartphone from the App store.
  • Install the APK file on your phone; you will find it in the download folder. 

  • After the successful Installation, register with your phone number and verify it through the one-time password (OTP). 
  • Your GBWhatsApp is now ready to use with its online status hiding feature available. 

  • Click on TOP Right Corner, and tap on the privacy button. 
  • Next, the sub-menu appears, click on ‘Hide Online Status’ in the menu, and you have done. 


Well done!!! You have successfully solved your problem via modded GBWhatsApp Application. Now, when you use WhatsApp Application, your online status is hidden. You can cross-check with your friend’s phone, showing you are offline. Now, no more frustration because of unnecessary messages.


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