FIXED – AirPods Pro Case is not Charging

Apple has always been a statement for its users. And we all encounter certain issues with it but we love it for what it is. Steve Jobs brought a revolution by introducing AirPods to the market and everyone is a fan of its unique and distinctive functionality. 

But there are sometimes when you have just finished using your AirPods and wants to charge its battery case. So, you can charge your AirPods. But find your AirPods case not charging.

AirPods Pro Case is not Charging

It means that when your case drains out of its battery, you will not be able to charge your AirPods.

Why Do Airpods inconsistently charging when Plugged in?

It is fake? Not always, the primary reason for this situation can be a software issue. Also, there can be a bug that may be causing the operating software to corrupt, that may be the blockage, preventing your AirPods case to charge.

But do not worry some methods can be used to quick-fix your problem:

Method 1: Resetting your AirPods Case

This first hack requires resetting of your AirPods. It is one of the easiest troubleshooting steps to do when fixing your AirPods’ case.

By resetting your AirPods, you will clear out the bugs in the operating system of AirPods’ case. And this step may fix the problem in the charging process of your AirPods case.

Steps to reset the AirPods case:

1. Start by pressing and holding the setup button on the backside of the AirPods case.

2. Leave the button and you will see status light flashing in amber color and then turning to white.

setup button


This step may be your key to fix your case’s charging problem. But if it does not rectify your problem, then move to the next step.

Method 2: Cleaning your case’s Charging Port

The other method that can be used in this situation is by cleaning the AirPod’s charging port. Charging ports have very delicate minute wiring.  It may get lint from your clothes. This can be a case if you keep your AirPods case in your clothes pockets like jeans or sweaters. Such clothing material always has lint at the bottom of their pockets.

Note: Do not use anything wet or metal to clean the case as this may cause a short circuit in the wiring and can also break your case if you are not careful.

The following are the steps to clean the charging port of the AirPods case:

1. Collect either a static brush or a toothpick for use.

charging port of the AirPods case


2. Use it to scrape the dirt out of the charging port.

charging port


3. Use your charging cable to check its working.

Now, your case must be able to get charged. But, if still this problem is not rectified try using the next step.

Method 3: Try using another Cable

Sometimes, your charging wire can be at fault. Also, check whether you are using MFI certified cable as this may be the reason your AirPods case is not charging properly.

As fake cables do not provide good connectivity when compared to the MFI certified cables.

mei certified cable


After switching your charging cable with a new MFI certified cable, try charging your AirPods case. And now your problem must have rectified. If still, the problem is present, try the next step.


Method 4: Using Extension

Check if you are charging the AirPods case by connecting via extension board, try connecting it directly to the wall socket. Sometimes, there is a wiring problem in the extension you are using.

Using Extension


This problem can be rectified by directly connecting the charger’s plug to the socket.

Now, again check the working of the AirPod’s case charger.

Techbosspro’s Take:

The given methods above must be able to rectify your problem then we would love hearing which one. Then, please mention it in the comments section as we would like to hear from you. But if still, you see the problem in charging. You must visit your nearest apple store.

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