How To Find Out If Someone Has More Than One Facebook Account?

Many people often create more than one account on Facebook. Either they do to stalk someone, or may they have their good reasons. Facebook allows you to create multiple accounts by using the same number and email address. This increases the chance of people using more than one accounts. If you want to find out if someone has more than one Facebook account, you need to follow some necessary and untold process. It is not easy to find the account because millions of users are using Facebook nowadays, and many have similar names also.




  • Facebook usually asks for a photo ID to ensure a real person connecting with the Facebook account mainly and not using multiple accounts. But users often use fake photos while making various Facebook accounts.
  • If someone is using the same profile photo on both accounts, then use a Reverse image search to check whether their profile picture is being used or not.
  • No one shares another person’s account. If someone is sharing other accounts and other accounts’ posts too often or liking, they may have more than one account.
  • If that account is liking the same things and friending the same people, you can identify someone’s other accounts due to their foolish mistake.
  • Search the email address and phone number, which you know they have. This will give you some hint, and you can see the different accounts pop up on Facebook.
  • Sometimes Facebook knows if more than one account is used at the same IP, and you can see this by opening an account and logging in from the same computer.




It is not impossible to figure out if someone has more than one Facebook account. You can easily find out simple by stepping on the methods as mentioned above.


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