How to Download Embedded Private Vimeo Video 


Vimeo Video Application provides the user with a platform for video hosting and video sharing. Vimeo Video App is generally used by the Professionals, for their artistry work to share on the media platform, and this makes Vimeo app different from YouTube. 

Vimeo offers Software as a Service with Video creation, editing, enterprise software solutions, and broadcasting tools as well as the means for the Professionals to connect with other professionals and with the clients. Vimeo app operates on an ad-free basis and instead derives revenue by providing subscription plans for video content producers. 

The unprecedented growth of the videos has resulted in people looking to download videos from a website. There are numerous options for you to download videos from a website. 

  • Use Browser extension 

If you are looking for an option on how to Download embedded videos, the browser extension must be the right option for your needs. The chrome extension may be the superior choice of yours, but the extension might depend on the browser you have chosen for downloading your video. 

  • Download from the site

The other option for you to save videos from the site; this option works only when the embedded video is in the format of an MP4 file. File in the appropriate format makes it easy and straightforward to download embedded videos. 

  • Download videos via online portals

Yet another option to download videos is through the online portals. 

  • Use a Screen recorder 

A Screen recorder may help you to record and save the video, works as another option.

How to Download Embedded Private Vimeo Video :

  • Open the Web page where the video is embedded. 
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and select Inspect.
  • Select the network tab.
  • If you are using MAC, then press Command + R.
  • If you are using Windows, then press F5.
  • Load the link to play video. 
  • Type player in the Filter box.
  • Click on the link which displays nine digital number.
  • Copy and paste the text into any text editor. 
  • Search for the video quality, for example, 1080 px. 
  • Click on the link which has .MP4 extension. 
  • Now press the link in the browser and hit enter. 
  • Right-click on Videos and select save video as 
  • Now, name the file and save it to the desired location. 

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