How To Donate Bits on Twitch ?

Bits are a virtual good you can buy and user to cheer. A Cheer is a chat message that uses Bits and includes an animated emote so to amplify your voice in chat and celebrate the moment. Cheering is another way to support partners and Affiliates, this is similar to subscribing a channel.

What is Twitch? 

Twitch is a unique platform, used by Garner to share his expertise with the public. It is a platform that includes other individuals and professionals such as Bloggers and Broadcasters. In simple terms, Twitch is a coin, used as a type of cheering emoticons and it can be sent in a chatbox to any twitch streamer.

The twitch bits are used to appreciate and support for twitch streamers and Broadcasters. A twitch user can earn and spend twitch bits in different ways. In the twitch platform, twitch bits are used as currency.

Donating bits on Twitch 

  • Donations are made to send cheers to the streamers, and content providers. 
  • As said earlier, donating bits is a way to support and appreciate the work if Bloggers and Broadcasters.
  • Twitch Bits donation works like real. Money that is transferred to the streamer, acts as a tip which is sent through PayPal. 
  • Twitch does that not make any deduction from the amount transferred to the streamer.
  • Bits will appear as a message within a stream. 
  • Tipping is the preferred method for any streamers to earn money, it is because this process allows the streamer to receive all funds without any commission. 
  • There is a possibility of using a chargeback. If the payment is made through PayPal and the payer wants to withdraw it, it is considered as a notable negative associated with tips on Twitch. 
  • Donations are relatively less reactive than other methods. 
  • The donation is used to reward a concerned streamer who provides various useful content. 

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