Change & Update Facebook Profile Without Notifying Everyone

We all know that we are notified that some of your friends or unknown friends liked it by updating our Facebook profile or anything. Sometimes, we want to correct something without informing others. We get frustrated by seeing someone’s notification like your post or something you want to hide. Changing Facebook profile picture is one of 5hose miner updates, and we don’t want anyone to see that update in their newsfeed. As we know, whatever you do on Facebook, it will be shared with your friend automatically.

If you don’t want to show your updated profile picture on their newsfeed and also want to change your Facebook profile picture then, it is the process that will help you to change your profile without notifying your Facebook friends.

Change Facebook Profile Without Notifying Everyone

  • STEP 1-  Open your Facebook account on your browser or app on your phone or laptop PC and log in to your Facebook account.
  • STEP 2- Go to your profile page on Facebook and click on “edit” on your profile picture.
  • STEP 3- Tap on the option “select profile picture,” and you will be directed to “camera roll,” where you will get the chance to select your image either from your phone’s gallery or to click a new picture.
  • STEP 4- If you want to choose your existing photos from the Facebook timeline, then click on “photos of you.” And upload your image and tap on the profile picture guard.
  • STEP 5- After selecting your image from “camera roll” or from “photos of you,” then directly click on the “save” option.
  • STEP 6- If you don’t want to public your profile post, click on the “edit privacy” option.
  • STEP 7-  Now, select on the option “Only me,” then your profile picture will be hidden.


When you upload a new profile pictue on Facebook, post your profile image as a public post, and everyone can see it. In order to change your profile picture on Facebook without knowing others, you will have to follow the guidelines mentioned above; this will help you to change your profile picture without notifying others.

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