How to Block Ads on a Smart TV?

Nowadays, Ads have become more common on smart TVs, it’s just a little box that you can click to view the contents, but some TVs show more intrusive ads. There are two ways to Block ads on smart TVs. YouTube also offers YouTube Premium Plan to watch ad-free videos for a monthly fee. 

Smart TVs come with Internet features that allow users to stream or watch their favorite shows or watch movies on prime videos or Netflix. While watching YouTube videos or browsing Web pages, the publisher will show ads, which is most irritating. These annoying ads make us want to block them. Many smart TV users complain about pop -up ads while browsing or watching videos or movies.

Follow the steps to know How to Block Ads on a smart TV? 

  • Download and Install AdGuard DNS.
  • AdGuard DNS is used to Block Internet ads on your smart TV. It is a free DNS service. 
  • Depending on whether you are using an Android TV or some other OS, the AdGuard DNS has two ways on a smart TV to Block ads.


Downloading and installing AdGuard DNS Application on TV:

  • Open the Web Browser, download and Install the AdGuard DNS Application on the smart TV. 
  • After installing the Application, launch AdGuard, go to 

settings > DNS Filtering 

  • Select the DNS server item.
  • You will view AdGuard DNS and AdGuard DNS family protection in the list of all providers.
  • Select one of the server and tap on Use this Server. 
  • Launch any App on your TV and check if the ads are disabled.

AdGuard DNS for Router: 

  • Select your router preferences from the Web page and check-on the router manual to access the router preference menu.
  • Go to the DNS setting section and locate the field with two or three set numbers.
  • Entering given numbers in the shown field-



  • For ‘Default’ servers



  • Choose for family protection servers

             2a00:5a60::ad1: off


  • Save the changes and restart your router.
  • Connect the smart TV to the network and check if the ads are blocked. 

Using YouTube TV to Block ads:

  • Search for YouTube TV, download and Install on your Smart TV. 
  • Sign in to the app using any account, for example, your Google account. 
  • Play any video and check if it has blocked ads.

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