How Old is My iPhone?

“How old is my iPhone”- A common question hit many times in the mind of iPhone users. If you are one in the same situation, then keep calm and read this article carefully. Knowledge of iPhone age can help you a lot in different cases like when you are going to buy an iPhone then you can easily differentiate whether you should buy a new one or old one according to your budget, when you want to know about warranty date, manufacturing or purchasing date it helps you a lot. So, be ready to dive in and let me know how old your iPhone is.

Simple 5 step method for checking the age of iPhone

Step 1

Just open/start your iPhone and tap on the settings button.

Step 2

In settings, search for general and then tap on “general setting”.

Step 3

Now you are in the general setting area of your iPhone, tap on the first option, which is “about”.

Step 4

This “about” section is related to all the necessary information about your apple company mobile known as iPhone. Indeed, all knowledge does not match your need at that time, but your relevant information will also be there.

So, finding the age of your iPhone, you need to scroll down for the option of serial no. So, check out “serial number”.

Step 5

The serial number is just a 12 digit number. But keep calm it is not too much easy; it has an excellent technique for you behind these 12 digits. Each digit has some specific information related to your iPhone. The 4rth one in your iPhone’s serial number shows the information about the iPhone’s “manufacturing date”, so then you can cross-reference these 12 digits with the list provided here.

Like the character in the 4rth position is “V” then your iPhone manufacturing date is 2017, which means the second half of that year. So from the manufacturing date digit, you can easily detect the age of your iPhone.

Check iPhone age through “online chipmunk tool.”

So for this method, the first thing is you have to go to “online chipmunk tool” where you enter your serial number, then tap on “Laat de information zien” option for information, on the next page you will be provided with the year and week of production of your iPhone. From years you can easily calculate the age of your iPhone.

Find out the age via “apple support website.”

For this process first, you have to go to the “check coverage” page on the website where you enter serial no. After this enters verification code & tap on continue. Next page you will find support and warranty information so from the warranty period you can estimate the age as the apple company warranty period is always one year.


Simply that was too much easy three procedures for your curiosity & remove your confusion about the age of your iPhone. You can adopt anyone which will be convenient for you all above are authentic.

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