Google My Business Reviews Disappeared | How to Fix?

One of the most tricky and challenging parts for any digital agency is to build a genuine review section for their client on their Google my business page. Filters are always present on such review websites to maintain the credibility of the reviews posted on them.

But sometimes, the artificial intelligence filters out some genuine and worth sustaining reviews on a companies Google my business page.

Why Does Google My Business Reviews Go Missing?

There can be multiple reasons for the reviews getting misplaced or disappeared. Some of them are enlisted below:

1. Reviews being disabled temporarily

Some times due to technical glitch or shortcomings of the reviewing committee, Google might disable Google Reviews for a limited amount of time.

In this situation, customers are not able to write or publish any review for their desired company. Moreover, the business executives are not able to react to any of the pre-existing or new reviews on Google my business page

2. Duplication

In this case, a review that was supposed to be published on your Google my business page gets directed to another listing.

This problem can be curated by keeping a check on Google maps and searching for businesses with the same name and address as yours

If you find one report it to Google via maps and after removal of the duplicate listing you can have your hard-earned reviews pack.

3. Third-party site reviews

Previously Google used to incorporate reviews from websites like Yahoo local, Facebook, and Yelp but those are now excluded.
To remove fake reviews, Google now checks whether the review is made by an authentic Google user or not.

4. Links and URL embedded in Reviews

If the reviewers post a review for your business that includes multiple links or URLs, they might get marked as spam.

You can ask the authors of such review creators to quickly edit their review and cut out the URL mentioned in it. It will help you in keeping your reviews on your Google my business page.

Get back your reviews on your Google My Business

To get back your reviews on your Google my business page, you can follow any of the below-stated methods:

1. Saving Google Review notifications

Saving all the notifications that you receive from Google my business is an easy step to do. This data can help you in getting your Google Reviews reinstated after getting in contact with the Google team.

2. Making a backup of Google Reviews

You must make backups of your Google my business reviews religiously, as they will help you in locating the missing reviews.
This information can help both you and Google team to get your Google my business Reviews back.

3. Contacting Google my business

Like any other webpage or application, Google My business has also got a section termed as “contact us” where you can find solutions for your query from the Google team.

You can choose the way you want to get in contact with Google executives.

Techbosspro’s Take:

You can select either to request a phone call that takes place within some time, request for chat which starts simultaneously after a short waiting period or ask for Email support where you can expect to get a reply within 24 working hours.

Hopefully one of the enlisted ways helps you in getting back your reviews and provide you with a piece of information that why your review got misplaced. For more updates keep visiting on our blog.

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