How to Adjust Google My Business Post image size?

If you want to optimize your Google My Business post image, then you need a high-quality professional photo to grab the visitor’s attention. High-quality pictures make a strong impression.

Are you facing problems adding graphics to your new Google My Business (GMB) account? Has your essential part of your image cropped out? Then you need to know the details about Google My Business (GMB) image sizes. Let us talk about Google My Business (GMB) image size.

Here is the correct Google My Business Post image size and other specifications at a glance:

· Minimum resolution of the image must be of the size of 720 pixels wide and 540 pixels tall.

· Google My Business profile photo should be 250 x 250 pixels (minimum 120 x 120; maximum 5200 x 5300).

· JPG, PNG, or BMP file format

· 4:3 Aspect ratio

· Minimum file size of 10KB

· Maximum file size of 5MB

· Image should be focused and well lit, no need to use excessive filter and alteration; the photo should represent the reality of the post.

How to Add Google My Business Photos

  • First, claim your business from the Google Search result. It’s easy with your details.
  • Then log in to your Google My Business account (
  • After that, I placed the photo tab in the left-hand column.
  • Then click on the type of photo you wish to add in your account through the wizards. (click photos from the menus )
  • After finding the photo, click on the flag icon in the top right corner.

Optimize your image in Google My Business (GMB)

Step 1:

Firstly find a visually inspiring image related to your blog post, you can free sites for your photos such as Unsplash and pixel.

Step 2:

Then place the title of your blog in your image, or when creating an offer post, you can put coupon code in there. Make sure to place the image vertically and centrally. You can use free tools like a snap.

Step 3:

Use bright colours and bold letters so that text stands out. You can use photo editor tools such as snap.

Step 4:

If your business set up is in the U.S, then you can use (small thanks with Google) to generate marketing materials for your business post.

Google My Business pictures are good practice.

Entrepreneurs invest a lot of time and money into their websites. They also invest in Google My Business account. You can highlight your building, office, canteen, campus, etc. Highlighting group pictures also create an extra touch for your business.

Techbosspro’s Take:

Most importantly, Google My Business photos of your sites are the first thing customers see so be specific about your Google My Business photos account. Your Google Profile is the only chance to create an excellent impression on the visitors, so maintain a high-quality image

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