Fix 403 forbidden error on Safari Mac

You may see an error message like: You don’t have permission to access / on this server, on your Macbook.

This happens when due to the HTTP error while access to the resource is forbidden.

As soon as Apple launched its new model iOS 12, many customers are facing a problem of getting forbidden error 403, and they will not be able to open links. So, if you encounter this problem, then this website gives you proper solutions for how to fix that error.

The 403 forbidden error occurs when the web page is not able to show the result or you just can’t able to download the information you entered in the program. Almost, every Macbook user is facing this problem, so don’t worry, we get you many solutions for this error.


Reasons for 403 Forbidden Error


 The issues that generally cause the 403 forbidden error:


  • Operating something when you are not allowed.
  • Due to the network connection while searching on the website.
  • It may be because of restricted sites.


Methods to Fix the 403 forbidden error on Safari [Mac or iPad]


Unless the device is dead, there are many ways to solve the problem of 403 forbidden error 


  • Clear your Browser Cache – There will be an issue on the cached version of the page, due to which the 403 forbidden error is happening.
  • Identify URL error – You should check the URL error and make sure that you are finding the correct web page file, extension since this is the most common reason for failure. The easiest thing to do to stop this error is to enable direct browsing in your software.
  • Special permission required – When you log in to the website, and it is showing a 403 forbidden error that means you need to grant special leave to open the page.
  • Clear browser cookies – You must check your cookies setting on your browser. If cookies are not enabled, that’s why the website is not opening. So, make sure you must allow them in your web browser. The 403 forbidden error shows that cookies are might be involved in taking proper access.
  • Contact Website – There is another option to solve this error that is directly in contact with the website. Maybe, everyone is facing the same problem, and the website doesn’t know about that. So, you should contact the website from the contact information mentioned on the web page. Many sites have support-based accounts on social media. So you can contact the dealer for 403 forbidden error.

Error 403 Forbidden in Safari

  • Contact ISP – Now you can contact Internet service providers if you are still facing the same error. And the website is working for other rights. It may be because your Internet service provider is blacklisted that causes the 403 forbidden error.
  • Try Reopening the page on Chrome – After verifying the page, that you are accessing. If still, the 403 forbidden error occurs, then revisit & check the page regularly until it fixed the errors.


Fix 403 forbidden error

If all the above methods fail in fixing an error, then check out your network connection. Primarily, your Wi-Fi router, sometimes it also causes an error.


Techbosspro’s Take:

So try these methods to fix the 403 forbidden error, and you will get rid out of this problem. Many iPhone or Macbook users face this error problem, their complaints are increasing, and that’s why we are always there to help you. You have to follow these methods for fixing the 403 forbidden error, and you will succeed in fixing it up.

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