Find out if the Website is Fake or Fraudulent

Fraud on the internet is as aged as the internet itself is. Also, there are a ton of expert reports that have guided us to be safe of fraudulent done to common people now and then. But as we know that evolution is the universal truth, in a similar way fake website creators and scammers have evolved as well. And have found different ways to scam naïve people and innocent people. Here, is a guide for you to protect yourself to get into traps of fraudulent.

Scams on the internet are found in various shapes and forms like, pretending to be a brand’s website and trying to get customers to pay for buying from them or to obtain your personal information or your passwords or even your sensitive bank account details.


Easy steps to Find out if the website is fake or scam:

Most of the time, the scamming website takes the domain name similar to that of the original website. And we come across them very frequently even while searching on the internet for the authenticate one.

1. Check the domain name or URL of the website:

For example, You must have come across fake sites of Nike, Calvin Klien, and etcetera. They may show up with a domain name of,,, and etcetera. These are not real sites, but imaginary examples.

Also, if a particular company has a trademark on their name, there the domain name is most of the time the same as that of their trademark name.

2. No Contact Information provided in the about us section:

An authentic website always has detailed and precise information on where and how to contact them under the contact us page. Many fake websites lack them or if they have, they do not have it well structured. For example, any product selling or service providing website must have a business location or package tracking information provided along with particular location co-ordinates. Sometimes a geo-map is also linked. This is one of the common features that fake websites do not concern, make mistakes, and get caught.

But, with the evolution, scammers are now found embedding fake location maps and other information from the official brand’s social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. And then they keep on pretending to be that real brand.

So, You must take care that it is not impossible to link a fraud website to a brand’s official social media handle pages. And must always look out for the distinctive quality the brand has that you know before making and prior commitment and sharing your personal information.

3. Check SSL security of the website

Most fake websites do not have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate as they do not bother investing in it. An SSL certificate provides you with a security that your information is secured and securing generally costs money. And a fraudulent site will not bother buying it as in a short period, their website will be shut down after reporting.  To make sure the website is authentic, check its URL, it will start with HTTPS instead of HTTP.


4. Checking the Shipping and Return Policy of the website

If the kind of website you are dealing with has to sell products over a distance, then they must have a shipping and return policy, clearly mentioned on their website. This can be looked upon to make sure you are safe from fraud.

5. Checking the Domain Name of the website on Google:

An original website, when searched on google, has multiple links from different pages but this is not the case with a fraud website as if you search the domain name of a fraud website, you will get only one link as a searched result on google, the website itself.

6. Checking Other People’s Reviews on the website  

Original website owners are most of the time concerned about people’s reactions to their product and for this, they create a review section but on the contrary, a fake website being fraudulent in nature either lack it or does not represent it properly.

Techbosspro’s Take:

The internet is a great place with a plethora of opportunities. So, take the right decisions while clicking on any link and stay safe.

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