Extract email addresses from a Facebook group

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform which allows users to connect with the world. There are millions of users on Facebook. This app is specially designed to get connected with your friends or other members socially. This app is not applicable only for making friends but also allows you to post your images and to share your status to show your friends. Facebook is a unique way of getting connected with people from all over the world and also allows you to share your content or posts with your close ones. Facebook provides enormous features that users can avail themselves of easily. 

Is there any way to extract email addresses from a Facebook group? 

If you want to extract the email addresses of the specific person or group from Facebook, then you need to follow some unrevealed process. It is not easy to get the email address of any Facebook group because facebook is highly secured and don’t allow the person to see an email or other personal details if that user’s account is not provided permission. 

You can prefer these steps to get an email address-

  • At first, find out the Facebook group and tap on the discover option.
  • Make sure to join that group and then tap on the group’s tab.
  • Now get the membership data. 
  • Simply use the Grouply tool to extract the email address
  • Use this tool to extract any email address of any specific groups.

Use ‘Leads Extractor’ Extension to extract Facebook Email address:

Leads extractor is the chrome extension that allows extracting of email addresses or any other personal details from Facebook. Leads extractor is the most powerful tool which reused by several people, and this tool is also used in several companies to enhance their product and services. This tool has the capability to obtain company name, last name, positions of the industry or profile link, email address from several platforms like Facebook pages, Linkedin, and others.

You just need to follow these steps to extract their email address from Facebook:

  • At first,, visit Facebook on your browser and then search that specific account or pages.
  • Now open this ‘leads extractor and then press start. By clicking on the start extracting button will show a new page.
  • Make sure to wait for some time and then download the results, which are shown in the spreadsheet. 
  • Now you will get their email address with the help leads extractor. 

Facebook Group Extractor :

Facebook group extractor tools are one of the most powerful tools which are free to use, and anyone can use this extractor to get the email addresses of any specific account even when that users have not permitted to see their personal details. This tool is beneficial in extracting personal details like first name, last name, and profile pictures as well. Mainly facebook provide a safeguard option to protect your profile, but this tool will allow you to get that protected profile picture as well. 

In order to use Facebook group extractor, make sure to follow the following steps.

  • First, set up a proxy including Proxymesh.
  • Now enter the specific account username, or you can simply paste the URL of that account on the search bar.
  • Set the phantom along with a proxy.
  • Install phantom and download the data in a spreadsheet format. 

Extract phone numbers from Facebook groups 

If you want to get phone numbers from the Facebook group, then you will have to follow the unrevealed process. We all know that these things are not provided publicly. In order to get Facebook group phone numbers, make sure to follow the mentioned steps. 

  • At first, make sure to get a ‘toolkit for Facebook.’ This is a chrome extension that enables you to get phone numbers from Facebook. 
  • Make sure to download and launch this extension on your phone or other devices. This extension provides awesome performance and works fluently.
  • Now tap on the extension icon and perform changes on the settings of the tool. 
  • Make it to compact view instead of full view to proceed with the further process conveniently.
  • Now, tap on the option ‘ get public phone numbers’ 
  • Make sure to log in to your account to get direct access to further pages. Or else you need to login first and then proceed with the process.
  • Make sure to click the green button, which shows to start generating a list of phone numbers.
  • After that,, you will get the most phone numbers in the form of CSV format. 

Facebook Group Extractor – Chrome Extension 

Facebook group extractor is not recommended to extract email addresses because it is not available for the public but allows you to get profile pictures, names, and other public things. You can prefer to use this tool to get Facebook phantoms. 

1. Extractor

This tool is a chrome extension that is used to collect required data from Facebook. This tool is beneficial for extracting email addresses, phone numbers, and many other private details as well. 

2. Facebook Scraper

Facebook scraper is a powerful tool that allows users to obtain data from any page or group. This functions accurately on the Facebook platform. You can use this chrome extension to get the required data. 

Hope this helps.

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