Earn money through WhatsApp Status or Chats

Undoubtedly, Whatsapp as a social platform has grown exponentially over years but according to its policies, they do not support ads or commercial transactions. Despite this, there are a plethora of ways to take advantage of its distinct format and earn money.

Many social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have become popular and a platform used by many people to earn money by various easy does like subscribing or clicking on Ads promoted by someone.

Earn money by sending WhatsApp Messages in Groups

We spend a lot of our time-wasting on WhatsApp daily, but it could be utilized to earn easy money, and this article will explain some methods briefly.

Producing viral content or writing Status:

Multiple websites on the vast internet are flooded with Ads, articles, and content, that can be shared systematically on various groups and your stories. This method of earning money requires the sharing of paid URLs, that are provided by different URL shortening services available on the internet. One such example is short.st, there are many others available.

On such services, you shorten the URL on each click by your audience, and you get paid with a certain amount of money. After registering, you explore various articles, news, and Ads, which people like and usually like them. You can earn money from their clicks.

How to make money from your WhatsApp status

You can write a status on whatsstatus.com platform and get paid for this work.

Affiliation from Product Selling or Third Party:

Affiliate marketing as a platform has grown in recent years. Various websites like Amazon have different affiliate programs. In an affiliate program, you earn the commission, when someone buys their product using links created especially for you by source website.

You can become the affiliate by registering on a particular website. After this, you need to follow simple steps to generate personalized links for you on items you wish to share. Now, copy and paste those links on different groups and your Whatsapp story. If anyone in your contact buys that product using your link, you earn that commission.

Utilizing PPD (Pay Per Download) Network:

This method of earning money is not used to its potential. It is a method on network norms, that is, you will get paid when someone from your contact downloads files that are uploaded by you.

One such example is openload.com, as, on this website, one needs to sign up and upload different videos of movies and/or music files (songs) or even interesting images. After uploading, the link generated can be copied and pasted to your different WhatsApp groups and your WhatsApp status. Your audience from that link, if downloads your uploaded file, you get paid.

NOTE: In this method, you earn money on each download, but the amount may vary according to the size of the uploaded file.

Promoting Applications on WhatsApp:

This unique method has distinct characteristics. As here, you do not earn direct money but get freebies like recharge coupon or Paytm cash.

In this method, you need to share links (referrals) of different applications on groups and status. When someone uses your referral, you get your desired freebie.

Techbosspro’s Take:

You can not earn direct money from WhatsApp but you can surely earn money with the aid of its features like groups and stories or writing statuses in online websites.

You must try these methods as there is no sure shot method but it depends on your consistency and smart work that reaps yo profit. If you have any doubt, we will be happy to clear that out. So, do not forget to ask queries or appreciate us in the comments below.

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