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Having 316 million photos and vectors, Shutterstock is always being the first choice for the stock photos download. Although it provides free stock images, all of them are watermarked.

To download Shutterstock images without a watermark, you have to avail its free offer that provides 10 free stock images on your choice for the first month. You just need a credit card to start the free trial and you can cancel anytime on the same month that means you pay nothing.

There are some Shutterstock image grabber tools but here I will describe the reality of these tools and why these do not work.

Let’s start the detailed guide which will describe all the ways to download Shutterstock images and get it watermark-free.

Why Shutterstock Images are not free to download?

If you are on a free account on Shutterstock, all you see is watermarked images that you search on Shutterstock. All you can do is save the images but those will be watermarked, there is no download option to get HD quality images or videos without watermark.

But, you can download a few images that are provided free or you can get the free trial membership where you pay nothing and get 10 free images on your choice.

i) The Shutterstock creators are doing really hard work to provide the best quality images for your work and if you don’t pay for their work that simply means they don’t get paid for the work and Shutterstock takes care of these things by preventing the piracy over the internet. This is the only and reasonable action taken by not providing the images for free.

Note: If you use any unofficial trick to get the stock images from Shutterstock and use for your purpose you may be sued. We are giving this guide just for an educational purpose only.

  1. Shutterstock image grabber tools: [The Reality]
    Over the internet, you have many Shutterstock downloader tools that actually does not work for all images. This is the reality of these tools, never waste time on these tools as these work in such a way when you search particular images it finds the availability of that images on the server that is manually uploaded or this tool actually find an alternative size image that you can get sued if you use it without a license.

The tools that claim to provide the stock images:

You can check your search there and you’ll notice that reality.

  1. Download photos from Shutterstock free trial option:
    The best option you can take for the free Shutterstock images download is from the free trial option that costs you zero dollar with it and you get 10 free images from Shutterstock without watermark. That will be definitely a great deal if you take this trial with a credit card and you can cancel it anytime after you download the image of your choice.

The steps are simple:

i) Just sign up on
ii) Add email id and sign up there.
iii) Subscribe free trail option adding the credit card (You can cancel anytime).
iv) Now find the images you want to download and get the 10 images of your choice.

  1. Download Stock images from Facebook:
    You have another option for free stock photos download that I feel now this not going to work that much and quality is not HD in if you download the stock photos from Facebook.

Techbosspro’s Take:

As I told is by taking the free trial of Shutterstock availing the trial subscribe from Shutterstock. As you can see, the grabber tools don’t work always that is why the better and long term solution is by getting it officially as you want to use it for commercial purpose as well as for personal use without watermark and getting sued.

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