Can I Find out if someone has a Snapchat?

Snapchat, a similar app just like Facebook and one of the most used apps nowadays. Almost 190 million people are using Snapchat daily and makeover 2 billion snaps, images, and messages which remain for a short period. Snapchat is beating other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the features of Snapchat are … Read more

Convert Torrent to ZIP – Online

Downloading from a torrent link can be a tedious task as you need to wait for most of the time to make sure that online seats are proper. On the contrary, there is no hassle while downloading from a direct download link. When you download a file in torrent format from a website, the file … Read more

How To Lock Facebook Profile?

Facebook has a unique feature of profile lock. Before the profile lock feature, Facebook already had an option called profile picture guard. Profile lock features on Facebook allows users to lock their profile pictures from profile visitors. It can also help users hide their profile details or other activities, including posts on their timeline. By … Read more