Extract email addresses from a Facebook group

Extract This Will Take Upto 20 Seconds to Find Email Addresses Facebook is the most popular social networking platform which allows users to connect with the world. There are millions of users on Facebook. This app is specially designed to get connected with your friends or other members socially. This app is not applicable only … Read more

How to View a Hidden Facebook Profile?

While connecting on Facebook, you can view the profile of any number of users, when profiles are not private. Users who have an individual account, have their profile information hidden, their friends only see their profile pictures.  Facebook provides this great privacy to prevent any user from viewing your profile picture and knowledge if they … Read more

How to Block Ads on a Smart TV?

Nowadays, Ads have become more common on smart TVs, it’s just a little box that you can click to view the contents, but some TVs show more intrusive ads. There are two ways to Block ads on smart TVs. YouTube also offers YouTube Premium Plan to watch ad-free videos for a monthly fee.  Smart TVs … Read more

How to Hide Online Status on GBWhatsApp?

Many people use WhatsApp the whole day, but many people irritate them by messaging them repeatedly by seeing the user online. WhatsApp allows you to hide last seen only, but there is no possibility to Hide Online Status without going offline. Until you open the app, it will show you online to all of your … Read more

Instagram Views Vs Likes on Videos

An Instagram view is counted when a video is watched for three seconds or more. A video’s view count doesn’t include video loops. To see a video’s likes, first tap the view count below the video. From there, you can see the number of likes a video has and who’s liked it. Instagram Views vs … Read more